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Kena 3.12. In that space itself (where the Yaksha had disappeared) Indra approached an exceedingly charming Woman. To that Uma decked in gold (or to the daughter of the Himalayas), he said: Who is this Yaksha?
Katha 2.1.8. The (sacrificial) fire lodged in the two aranis, even as the foetus is carefully borne by the pregnant Woman, is fit to be worshipped every day by men who are wakeful and possessed of oblation. This verily is that (thou seekest).
Mundaka 2.1.5: From Him emerges the fire (i.e. Heaven) of which the fuel is the Sun. From the Moon emerges cloud, and (from cloud) the herbs and corns on the Earth. A man sheds the semen into a Woman. From the Purusha have originated many creatures.

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