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Taittariya 1.7.1: The Earth, Sky, Heaven, the primary quarters, and the intermediate quarters; fire, air, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars; water, herbs, trees, Sky, and Virat these relate to natural factors. Then follow the individual ones: Prana, Vyana, Apana, Udana and Samana; the eye, the ear, the mind, speech and sense of touch; skin, flesh, muscles, bones and marrow. Having imagined these thus, the seer said, All this is constituted by five factors; one fills up the (outer) fivefold ones by the (individual) fivefold ones.
Prashna 3.7: Now then Udana, when it is in its upward trend, leads to a virtuous world as a result of virtue, to a sinful world as a result of sin and to the human world as a result of both.
Prashna 3.9: That which if well known as luminosity, is Udana. Therefore, one who gets his light extinguished, attains rebirth together with the organs that enter into (his) mind.
Prashna 3.10: Together with whatever thought he had (at the time of death), he enters into Prana. Prana, in combination with Udana and in association with the soul, leads him to the world desired by him.
Prashna 4.4: Samana is the priest called Hota, because it strikes a balance between exhalation and inhalation which are but (comparable to) two oblations. The mind is verily the sacrificer. The desired fruit Udana, which leads this sacrificer every day to Brahman.

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