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Taittariya 1.5.1,2: Bhuh, Bhuvah, Suvah these three, indeed, are the Vyahritis. Of them Mahacamasya knew a fourth one Maha by name. It is Brahman; it is the Self. The other gods are the limbs. Bhuh, indeed, is this world. Bhuvah is the intermediate space. Suvah is the other world. Maha is the Sun; through the Sun, indeed, do all the worlds flourish. Bhuh, indeed is the fire. Bhuvah is the air. Suvah is the Sun. Maha is the Moon; through the Moon, indeed, all the luminaries flourish. Bhuh, indeed, is the Rig Veda. Bhuvah is the Sama Veda. Suvah is the Yajur Veda.
Taittariya 1.5.3: Maha is Brahman (i.e. Aum), for by Brahman Aum(), indeed, are all the Vedas nourished. Bhuh, indeed, is Prana; Bhuvah is Apana; Suvah is Vyana; Maha is food; for by food, indeed, are all the vital forces nourished. These, then, that are four, are (each) fourfold. The Vyahritis are divided into four groups of four (each). He who knows these knows Brahman. All the gods carry presents to him.
Taittariya 1.6.1,2: In the space that there is in the heart, is this Person who is realisable through knowledge, and who is immortal and effulgent. This thing that hangs down between the palates like a teat, through it runs the path of Brahman; and reaching where the hairs part, it passes out by separating the skulls. (Passing out through that path, a man) becomes established in Agni as the Vyahriti Bhuh; he becomes established in Vayu as the Vyahriti Bhuvah; in the Sun as the Vyahriti Suvah; in Brahman as the Vyahriti Mahah. He himself gets independent sovereignty; he attains the lord of the mind; he becomes the ruler of speech, the ruler of eyes, the ruler of ears, the ruler of knowledge. Over and above all these he becomes Brahman which is embodied in Akasa, which is identified with the gross and the subtle and has truth as Its real nature, which reveals in life, under whose possession the mind is a source of bliss, which is enriched with peace and is immortal. Thus, O Pracinayogya, you worship.

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