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Katha 2.2.15. There the Sun shines not, nor do the Moon and the Stars, nor do these lightnings. How (then) can this fire (shine)? Everything shines after Him that shines. By His light shines all this.
Taittariya 1.7.1: The Earth, Sky, Heaven, the primary quarters, and the intermediate quarters; fire, air, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars; water, herbs, trees, Sky, and Virat these relate to natural factors. Then follow the individual ones: Prana, Vyana, Apana, Udana and Samana; the eye, the ear, the mind, speech and sense of touch; skin, flesh, muscles, bones and marrow. Having imagined these thus, the seer said, All this is constituted by five factors; one fills up the (outer) fivefold ones by the (individual) fivefold ones.
Taittariya 3.10.3,4: Brahman is to be worshipped as fame in beasts; as light in the Stars; as procreation, immortality, and joy in the generative organ; as everything in space. One should meditate on that Brahman as the support; thereby one becomes supported. One should meditate on that Brahman as great; thereby one becomes great. One should meditate on It as thinking; thereby one becomes able to think. One should meditate on It as bowing down; thereby the enjoyable things bow down to one. One should meditate on It as the most exalted; Thereby one becomes exalted. One should meditate on It as Brahman s medium of destruction; thereby the adversaries that envy such a one die, and so do the enemies whom this one dislikes.
Mundaka 2.2.10: There the Sun does not shine, nor the Moon or the Stars; nor do these flashes of lightning shine there. How can this fire do so Everything shines according as He does so; by His light all this shines diversely.

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