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Taittariya 1.3.1: May we both attain fame together. May spiritual pre eminence be vouchsafed to both of us together. Now therefore, we shall state the meditation on juxtaposition through five categories relating to the worlds, to the shining things, to knowledge, to progeny, and to the body. These, they call the great juxtapositions. Now then, as regards the meditation on the worlds. The Earth is the first letter. Heaven is the last letter. The Sky is the meeting place.
Taittariya 1.7.1: The Earth, Sky, Heaven, the primary quarters, and the intermediate quarters; fire, air, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars; water, herbs, trees, Sky, and Virat these relate to natural factors. Then follow the individual ones: Prana, Vyana, Apana, Udana and Samana; the eye, the ear, the mind, speech and sense of touch; skin, flesh, muscles, bones and marrow. Having imagined these thus, the seer said, All this is constituted by five factors; one fills up the (outer) fivefold ones by the (individual) fivefold ones.
Aitareya 1.1.2: He created these world, viz. Ambhas, Marici, Mara, Apah. That which is beyond Heaven is Ambhas. Heaven is its support. The Sky is Marici. The Earth is Mara. The worlds that are below are the Apah.
Prashna 1.11: Some talk of (this Sun) as possessed of five feet, as the father, as constituted by twelve limbs, and as full of water in the high place above the Sky. But there are these others who call him the omniscient and say that on him, as possessed of seven wheels and six spokes, is fixed (the whole universe).
Prashna 2.9: O Prana, you are Indra. Through your valour you are Rudra; and you are the preserver on all sides. You move in the Sky you are the Sun, the Lord of all luminaries.

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