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Prashna 1.1: Sukesa, son of Bharadvaja; Satyakama, so of Sibi; the grandson of Surya, born of the family of Garga; Kausalya, so of Asvala; a scion of the line of Bhrigu, born in Vidarbha; and Kabandhi, descendant of Katya all these, who were devoted to (the inferior) Brahman, engaged in realising (the inferior) Brahman, and intent on a search of the supreme Brahman, approached with faggots in hand, the venerable Pippalada with the belief, This one will certainly tell us all about It.
Prashna 5.1: Next, Satyakama, son of Sibi, asked him, O venerable sir, which world does he really win thereby, who among men, intently meditates on Aum in that wonderful way till death To him he said:

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