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Taittariya 1.8.1: Aum is Brahman. Aum is all this. Aum is well known as a word of imitation (i.e. concurrence). Moreover, they make them recite (to the gods) with the words, Aum, recite (to the gods). They commence singing Samas with Aum. Uttering the words Aum som they recite the Shastras. The (priest) Brahma approves with the word Aum. One permits the performance of the Agnihotra sacrifice with the word Aum. A Brahmana, when about to recite the Vedas utters Aum under the idea, I shall attain Brahman. He does verily attain Brahman.
Prashna 2.6: Like spokes on the hub of a Chariot wheel, are fixed on Prana all things Riks, Yajus, Samas, sacrifice, Kshatriya and Brahmana.

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