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Prashna 5.3: Should he meditate on Aum as consisting of one letter he becomes enlightened even by that and attains a human birth on the Earth. The Rik mantras lead him to the human birth. Being endued there with self control, continence, and faith he experiences greatness.
Prashna 5.7: The intelligent know this world that is attainable by the Rik mantras, the intermediate space achievable by the Yajur mantras, and that which is reached by the Sama mantras. The enlightened man attains that (threefold) world through Aum alone; and through Aum as an aid, he reaches that also which is the supreme Reality that is quiet and beyond old age, death and fear.
Mundaka 2.1.6: From Him (emerge) the Rik, Sama and Yajur mantras, initiation, all the sacrifices whether with or without the sacrificial stake offerings to Brahmanas, the year, the sacrificer, and the worlds where the Moon sacrifices (all) and where the Sun (shines).

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