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Prashna 1.9: The year is verily the Lord of creatures. Of Him there are two Courses, the Southern and the Northern. As to that, those, who follow, in that way, the sacrifices and public good etc., that are products of action, conquer the very world of the Moon. It is they who come back. (Since this is so), hence these seers of Heaven, who are desirous of progeny, attain the Southern Course. That which is the Course of the Manes is verily food.
Prashna 1.10: Again, by searching for the Self through the control of the senses, brahmacharya, faith and meditation, they conquer the Sun (by proceeding) along the Northern Course. This is the resort of all that lives; this is indestructible; this is fearless; this is the highest goal, for from this they do not come back. This is unrealisable (to the ignorant). Pertaining to this here is a verse:

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