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Katha 1.1.18. He who, knowing the three (form of brick etc.,), piles up the Nachiketa Agni with this knowledge, throws off the chains of death even before (the body falls off), and rising over grief, rejoices in Heaven.
Katha 1.2.10. I know that the treasure is impermanent, for that which is constant cannot be reached by things which are not constant. Therefore, has the Nachiketa Agni been kindled by me with impermanent things, and I have attained the eternal.
Katha 1.3.1. The knowers of Brahman and those who kindle the five fires and propitiate the Nachiketa Agni thrice, speak of as light and shade, the two that enjoy the results of righteous deeds, entering within the body, into the innermost cavity (of the heart), the supreme abode (of Brahman).
Katha 1.3.2. May we be able to know the Nachiketa Agni which is the bridge for the sacrificers, as also the imperishable Brahman, fearless, as well as the other shore for those who are desirous of crossing (the ocean of samsara).

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