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Kena 1.2. Because He is the ear of the ear, the mind of the Mind, the speech of speech, the vital air of the vital air, and the eye of the eye, the wise, freeing themselves (from the identity with the senses) and renouncing the world, become immortal.
Prashna 2.2: To him he said: Space in fact is this deity, as also are air, fire, water, Earth, the organ of Speech, Mind, eye and ear. Exhibiting their glory they say, Unquestionably it is we who hold together this body by not allowing it to disintegrate.
Prashna 6.4: He created Prana; from Prana (He created) faith, Space, air, fire, water, Earth, organs, Mind, food; from food (He created) vigour, self control, mantras, rites, worlds and name in the worlds.
Mundaka 2.1.3: From Him originates the vital force as well as the Mind, all the senses, Space, air, fire, water, and Earth that supports everything.

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