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Katha 2.1.12. The Purusha, of the size of a thumb, dwells in the body. (Realizing Him as) the Lord of the past and the future, one does not (henceforward) want to protect oneself. This verily is that (thou seekest).
Katha 2.1.13. The Purusha of the size of a thumb is like a smokeless flame and is the Lord of the past and the future. He certainly exists now and shall certainly exist tomorrow. This verily is that (thou seekest).
Taittariya 1.4.1,2: The Aum that is the most exalted in the Vedas, that pervades all worlds, and that emerged from the immortal Vedas as their quintessence, may he Aum( that is Indra), the supreme Lord, gratify me with intelligence. O Lord, may I be the receptacle of immortality. May my body be fit; may my tongue be surpassingly sweet; may I hear much through the ears. You are the sheath of Brahman: you are covered by (worldly) wisdom. Protect what I have heard. Then vouchsafe to me who am her (i.e. Prosperity s) own, that Prosperity which brings, increases, and accomplishes quickly for me clothes, cattle, food, and drink for ever, and which is associated with furry and other animals. Svaha. May the Brahmacharins (i.e. students) come to me from all sides. Svaha. May the Brahmacharins come to me in various ways. Svaha. May the Brahmacharins come to me in the proper way. Svaha. May the Brahmacharins have physical self control. Svaha. May the Brahmacharins have mental self control. Svaha.
Taittariya 1.4.3: May I become famous among people. Svaha. May I become praiseworthy among the wealthy. Svaha. O adorable One, may I enter into you, such as you are. Svaha. O venerable One, you, such as you are, enter into me. Svaha. O adorable One, who are greatly diversified, may I purify my sins in you. Svaha. As water flows down a slope, as months roll into a year, similarly O Lord, may the students come to me from all quarters. Svaha. You are like a resting house, so you become revealed to me, you reach me through and through.
Isavasya 1. Aum. All this should be covered by the Lord, whatsoever moves on the Earth. By such a renunciation protect (thyself). Covet not the wealth of others.
Prashna 1.4: To him he said: The Lord of all creatures became desirous of progeny. He deliberated on (past Vedic) knowledge. Having brooded on that knowledge, He created a couple food and Prana under the idea, These two will produce creatures for me in multifarious ways.
Prashna 1.9: The year is verily the Lord of creatures. Of Him there are two Courses, the Southern and the Northern. As to that, those, who follow, in that way, the sacrifices and public good etc., that are products of action, conquer the very world of the Moon. It is they who come back. (Since this is so), hence these seers of Heaven, who are desirous of progeny, attain the Southern Course. That which is the Course of the Manes is verily food.
Prashna 1.12: The month verily is the Lord of all creatures. The dark fortnight is His food, and the bright His Prana. Therefore these seers perform the sacrifices in the bright fortnight. The others perform it in the other.
Prashna 1.13: Day and night are verily the Lord of all creatures. Day is surely His Prana and night is certainly the food. Those who indulge in passion in the day, waste away Prana. That they give play to passion at night is as good as celibacy.
Prashna 1.14: Food is nothing but the Lord of all creatures. From that indeed issues that human seed. From that are born all these beings.
Prashna 1.15: This being so, those who undertake the well known vow of the Lord of all creatures, beget both sons and daughters. For them alone is this world of the Moon in whom there are the vows and continence, and in whom is found for ever avoidance of falsehood.
Prashna 2.7: It is you who move about in the womb as the Lord of creation, and it is you who take birth after the image of the parents. O Prana, it is for you, who reside with the organs, that all these creatures carry presents.
Prashna 2.9: O Prana, you are Indra. Through your valour you are Rudra; and you are the preserver on all sides. You move in the Sky you are the Sun, the Lord of all luminaries.
Mundaka 3.1.2: On the same tree, the individual soul remains drowned (i.e. stuck), as it were; and so it moans, being worried by its impotence. When it sees thus the other, the adored Lord, and His glory, then it becomes liberated from sorrow.
Mandukya 6. This is the Lord of all; this is omniscient; this is the in dwelling controller (of all); this is the source and indeed the origin and dissolution of all beings.

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