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Taittariya Of that preceding (blissful) one, this one is the embodied self. Hence hereafter follow these questions: After departing (from here) does any ignorant man go to the other world (or does he not) Alternatively, does any man of knowledge, after departing (from here) reach the other world (or does he not)
Aitareya 1.3.12: Having split up this very end, He entered through this door. This entrance is known as vidriti (the chief entrance). Hence it is delightful. Of Him there are three abodes three (states of) dream. This one is an abode, this one is an abode. This one is an abode.
Prashna 3.2: To him he said: You are putting super normal questions, since you are pre eminently a knower of Brahman. Hence I speak to you.
Prashna 4.2: To him he said, O Gargya, just as all the rays of the setting Sun become unified in this orb of light, and they disperse from the Sun as it rises up again, similarly all that becomes unified in the high deity, the mind. Hence this person does not then hear, does not see, does not smell, does not taste, does not touch, does not speak, does not grasp, does not enjoy, does not eject, does not move. People say, He is sleeping.

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