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Katha 2.2.1. The City of the unborn whose knowledge is like the light of the Sun, consists of eleven gates. Meditating on Him, one does not grieve and, becoming free (from bondage), one becomes liberated. This verily is that (thou seekest).
Prashna 4.3: It is the fires (i.e. the functions resembling fire) of Prana that really keep awake in this City of the body. That which is this Apana really resembles the Garhapatya fire, Vyana resembles the fire, Anvaharyapacana. Since the Ahavaniya fire is obtained from Garhapatya, which is the former s source of extraction, therefore Prana conforms to Ahavaniya (because of its issuing out of Apana).
Mundaka 2.2.7: That Self which is omniscient in general and all knowing in detail and which has such glory in this world that Self, which is of this kind is seated in the space within the luminous City of Brahman.

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