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Katha 1.3.3. Know the Self to be the master of the Chariot, and the body to be the Chariot. Know the intellect to be the Charioteer, and the mind to be the reins.
Prashna 2.6: Like spokes on the hub of a Chariot wheel, are fixed on Prana all things Riks, Yajus, Samas, sacrifice, Kshatriya and Brahmana.
Prashna 6.1: Then Sukesa, son of Bharadvaja, asked him, Venerable sir, Hiranyanabha, a prince of Kosala, approached me and put this question, Bharadvaja, do you know the Purusha possessed of sixteen limbs To that prince I said, I do not know him. Had I known him why should I not have told you Anyone who utters a falsehood dries up root and all. Therefore I cannot afford to utter a falsehood. Silently he went away riding on the Chariot. Of that Purusha I ask you, Where does He exist
Prashna 6.6: You should know that Purusha who is worthy to be known and in whom are transfixed the parts like spokes in the nave of a Chariot wheel, so that death may not afflict you anywhere.
Mundaka 2.2.6: Within that (heart) in which are fixed the nerves like the spokes on the hub of a Chariot wheel, moves this aforesaid Self by becoming multiformed. Meditate on the Self thus with the help of Aum. May you be free from hindrances in going to the other shore beyond darkness.

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