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Katha 1.1.17. Whoso kindles the Nachiketas fire thrice and becomes united with the three and does the three.fold karma, transcends birth and death. Knowing the omniscient one, born of Brahma, bright and adorable, and realizing it, he attains to surpassing peace.
Katha 2.3.5. As in a mirror, so in one s intellect; as in a dream, so in the world of manes; as seen in water, so in the world of the Gandharvas; as in the case of shade and light, so in the world of Brahma.
Taittariya 1.8.1: Aum is Brahman. Aum is all this. Aum is well known as a word of imitation (i.e. concurrence). Moreover, they make them recite (to the gods) with the words, Aum, recite (to the gods). They commence singing Samas with Aum. Uttering the words Aum som they recite the Shastras. The (priest) Brahma approves with the word Aum. One permits the performance of the Agnihotra sacrifice with the word Aum. A Brahmana, when about to recite the Vedas utters Aum under the idea, I shall attain Brahman. He does verily attain Brahman.
Prashna 5.5: Again, any one who meditates on the supreme Purusha with the help of this very syllable Aum, as possessed of three letters, becomes unified in the Sun, consisting of light. As a snake becomes freed from its Slough, exactly in a similar way, he becomes freed from sin, and he is lifted up to the world of Brahma Hiranyagarbha() by the Sama mantras. From this total mass of creatures (that Hiranyagarbha is) he sees the supreme Purusha that penetrates every being and is higher than the higher One (viz. Hiranyagarbha). Bearing on this, there occur two verses:
Mundaka 1.1.1: Aum Brahma, the creator of the Universe and the protector of the world, was the first among the gods to manifest Himself. To His eldest son Atharva He imparted that knowledge of Brahman that is the basis of all knowledge.
Mundaka 1.1.2: The Knowledge of Brahman that Brahma imparted to Atharva, Atharva transmitted to Angir in days of yore. He Angir() passed it on to Satyavaha of the line of Bharadvaja. He of the line of Bharadvaja handed down to Angiras this knowledge that had been received in succession from the higher by the lower ones.

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