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Katha 2.2.14. How shall I know that indescribable and supreme Bliss which they think of as This Is It self luminous or does It shine distinctly, (making Itself perceptible to the intellect), or does It not?
Taittariya 2.4.1: One is not subjected to fear at any time if one knows the Bliss that is Brahman failing to reach which Brahman(, as conditioned by the mind), words, along with the mind, turn back.
Taittariya That which is known as the self creator is verily the source of joy; for one becomes happy by coming in contact with that source of joy. Who, indeed, will inhale, and who will exhale, if this Bliss be not there in the supreme space (within the heart). This one, indeed, enlivens (people). For whenever an aspirant gets fearlessly established in this un perceivable, bodiless, inexpressible, and un supporting Brahman, he reaches the state of fearlessness. For, whenever the aspirant creates the slightest difference in It, he is smitten with fear. Nevertheless, that very Brahman is a terror to the (so called) learned man who lacks the unitive outlook.
Taittariya This, then, is an evaluation of that Bliss:
Taittariya 2.9.1: The enlightened man is not afraid of anything after realising that Bliss of Brahman, failing to reach which, words turn back along with the mind.
Taittariya 3.6.1: He knew Bliss as Brahman; for from Bliss, indeed, all these beings originate; Having been born, they are sustained by Bliss; they move towards and merge in Bliss. This knowledge realised by Bhrigu and imparted by Varuna (Starts from the food self and) terminates in the supreme Bliss(), established in the cavity of the heart. He who knows thus becomes firmly established; he becomes the possessor of food and the eater of food; and he becomes great in progeny, cattle and the lustre of holiness, and great in glory.

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