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Taittariya Bhrigu Valli
Taittariya 3.1.1: Bhrigu, the well known son of Varuna, approached his father Varuna with the (formal) request, O, revered sir, teach me Brahman. To him he Varuna() said this: Food, vital force, eye, ear, mind, speech (these are the aids to knowledge of Brahman). To him he Varuna() said: Crave to know that from which all these beings take birth, that by which they live after being born, that towards which they move and into which they merge. That is Brahman. He practised concentration. He, having practised concentration,
Taittariya 3.6.1: He knew Bliss as Brahman; for from Bliss, indeed, all these beings originate; Having been born, they are sustained by Bliss; they move towards and merge in Bliss. This knowledge realised by Bhrigu and imparted by Varuna (Starts from the food self and) terminates in the supreme Bliss(), established in the cavity of the heart. He who knows thus becomes firmly established; he becomes the possessor of food and the eater of food; and he becomes great in progeny, cattle and the lustre of holiness, and great in glory.
Prashna 1.1: Sukesa, son of Bharadvaja; Satyakama, so of Sibi; the grandson of Surya, born of the family of Garga; Kausalya, so of Asvala; a scion of the line of Bhrigu, born in Vidarbha; and Kabandhi, descendant of Katya all these, who were devoted to (the inferior) Brahman, engaged in realising (the inferior) Brahman, and intent on a search of the supreme Brahman, approached with faggots in hand, the venerable Pippalada with the belief, This one will certainly tell us all about It.
Prashna 2.1: Next a scion of the line of Bhrigu, born in Vidarbha, asked him, Sir, how many in fact are the deities that sustain a creature Which among them exhibit this glory Which again is the chief among them

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