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Prashna 1.1: Sukesa, son of Bharadvaja; Satyakama, so of Sibi; the grandson of Surya, born of the family of Garga; Kausalya, so of Asvala; a scion of the line of Bhrigu, born in Vidarbha; and Kabandhi, descendant of Katya all these, who were devoted to (the inferior) Brahman, engaged in realising (the inferior) Brahman, and intent on a search of the supreme Brahman, approached with faggots in hand, the venerable Pippalada with the belief, This one will certainly tell us all about It.
Prashna 6.1: Then Sukesa, son of Bharadvaja, asked him, Venerable sir, Hiranyanabha, a prince of Kosala, approached me and put this question, Bharadvaja, do you know the Purusha possessed of sixteen limbs To that prince I said, I do not know him. Had I known him why should I not have told you Anyone who utters a falsehood dries up root and all. Therefore I cannot afford to utter a falsehood. Silently he went away riding on the Chariot. Of that Purusha I ask you, Where does He exist
Mundaka 1.1.2: The Knowledge of Brahman that Brahma imparted to Atharva, Atharva transmitted to Angir in days of yore. He Angir() passed it on to Satyavaha of the line of Bharadvaja. He of the line of Bharadvaja handed down to Angiras this knowledge that had been received in succession from the higher by the lower ones.

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