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Mundaka 1.1.2: The Knowledge of Brahman that Brahma imparted to Atharva, Atharva transmitted to Angir in days of yore. He Angir() passed it on to Satyavaha of the line of Bharadvaja. He of the line of Bharadvaja handed down to Angiras this knowledge that had been received in succession from the higher by the lower ones.
Mundaka 1.1.3: Saunaka, well known as a great householder, having approached Angiras duly, asked, O adorable sir, (which is that thing) which having been known, all this becomes known
Mundaka 3.2.11: The seer Angiras spoke of this Truth in the days of yore. One that has not fulfilled the vow does not read this. Salutation to the great seers. Salutation to the great seers.

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