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ChandogyaUpa1 3 Just as a fisherman would see a fish in Water, so did Death observe the Devas in the (rites connected with) Rik, Saman and Yajus. They, too, knowing this, arose from the Rik, Saman and Yajus, and entered the Svara (the syllable Aum).
ChandogyaUpa1 4 Verily, when one learns the Rik, he loudly pronounces Aum It is the same with Saman and with Yajus. This syllable Aum is indeed Svara; it again is immortality and fearlessness. Having entered into Svara (i.e. having meditated) the Devas became immortal and fearless.
ChandogyaUpa1 5 Now, this person who is seen within the eye he indeed is Rik, he is Saman, he is Uktha, he is Yajus, he is the Vedas. The form of this (person seen in the eye) is the same as the form of that (person seen in the sun). His joints are the same as those of the other; his name is the same as that of the other.
ChandogyaUpa3 1 And its southern rays are its southern honey cells. The Yajus verses are the bees. The Yajur Veda is the flower; and those Waters are the nectar.
ChandogyaUpa3 2 Those very Yajus verses pressed this Yajur Veda. And from it, thus pressed, issued forth as juice, fame, splendour of limbs, alertness of the senses, virility, and food for eating.
ChandogyaUpa4 2 He brooded on these Three deities. From them thus brooded upon, he extracted their essences the Riks from fire, the Yajus mantras from air, and the Saman from the sun.
ChandogyaUpa4 3 He brooded on the Three Vedas. From them thus brooded upon, he extracted their existences; Bhuh from the Riks, Bhuvah from the Yajus mantras and Svah from the Samans.
ChandogyaUpa4 5 And if the sacrifice is rendered defective on account of the Yajus, then with the Mantra Bhuvah Svaha (the Brahman priest) should offer an oblation in the Daksinagni. Thus verily, through the essence of the Yajus mantras, through the virility of the Yajus mantras, he makes good the injury of the sacrifice in respect of the Yajus mantras.
ChandogyaUpa6 2 Svetaketu did not eat for fifteen days. Then he approached him saying, What shall I say The father said, The Riks, the Yajus, and the Samans, dear boy. They do not at all arise in me, sir

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