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ChandogyaUpa8 2 Both the Devas and the Asuras heard this and said, Well, let us seek that Atman by seeking which one attains all the worlds and all the desires. Then Indra alone from among the Devas went out and so did Virochana from among the Asuras. Then without communicating with each other, they both came into the presence of Prajapati, fuel in hand.
ChandogyaUpa8 4 Then Prajapati looked at them and said, They are going away without having perceived, without having understood the Atman. Whosoever will follow such a doctrine be they Devas or Asuras, they will be foiled. Now, Virochana, satisfied in his heart, went to the Asuras and declared this doctrine to them. Here the (bodily) self alone is to be worshipped, the self is to be attended upon. Here it is only by worshipping the self and attending upon the self that one obtains both the worlds, this as well as the yonder.
ChandogyaUpa8 2 He came back again, fuel in hand. Prajapati asked him, Desiring what, O Indra, have you come back, since you went away satisfied in your heart, along with Virochana Indra replied, Revered sir, just as this (reflected self) becomes well adorned when this body is well adorned, well dressed when the body is well dressed, well groomed when the body is well groomed, even so this (reflected self) also becomes blind when the body is blind, one eyed when the body is one eyed, crippled when the body is crippled, and it perishes when this body perishes. I see no good in this.

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