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ChandogyaUpa1 2 The sun is the syllable u (which is a Stobha), invocation is the syllable e the Visvadevas are the syllable auhoyi Prajapati is the syllable him Prana is the Stobha svara food is the Stobha ya and Virat is the Stobha vak
ChandogyaUpa2 5 All vowels should be pronounced sonant and strong, (with the thought), May I impart strength to Indra Prana() All sibilants should be pronounced, neither inarticulately, nor leaving out the elements of sound, but distinctly (with the thought), May I give myself to Prajapati Virat(). All Sparsa consonants should be pronounced slowly, without mixing them with any other letter, (with the thought), May I withdraw myself from Death.
ChandogyaUpa4 8 They gave him food. Now, these Five and the other five, together becoming ten, constitute the Krita (dice cast). Therefore (i.e. because the number Ten applies to both), these Ten are the food or Virat dwelling in all the Ten quarters, and these are (the enjoyer) Krita. This Virat, of the form of Ten deities, again, is the eater of food (as Krita); by him all this is perceived. He who sees thus, by him also all this is perceived, and he becomes as eater of food.

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