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ChandogyaUpa1 1 When the crops in the Kuru country had been destroyed by hailstorms, there lived Usasti, the son of Cakra with his young wife in a deplorable condition in the Village of Elephant drivers.
ChandogyaUpa1 1 Therefore next begins the Udgitha seen by the dogs. Once Dalbhya Baka, called also Maitreya Glava, went out (of the Village) for the study of the Vedas.
ChandogyaUpa4 4 Janasruti said to him O Raikva, (here are for you) these one thousand Cows, this Gold necklace, this Chariot drawn by Mules, this wife, and this Village in which you reside. Now, revered sir, please instruct me
ChandogyaUpa6 2 And as some one might remove his bandage and tell him, "The Gandhara region is in this direction, proceed in this direction" and as he, enquiring his way from Village, to Village and being instructed and capable of judging by himself would reach the Gandhara region itself, even so, in this world that person knows who has a preceptor. And for him, only so long is the delay as he is not liberated (from the body) and then immediately he is merged in Being.

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