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ChandogyaUpa4 1 Once upon a time Upakosala Kamalayana lived with Satyakama Jabala the life of a Brahmacharin. He tended his fires for twelve years. Satyakama performed for other disciples the ceremony of completing studies and returning home, but did not perform the ceremony for Upakosala.
ChandogyaUpa4 3 Through mental sufferings Upakosala began to fast. The wife of the teacher said to him, O Brahmacharin, do eat; why are you not eating He replied, In this (very ordinary and disappointed) man (i.e. myself) there are many desires running in various directions; I am full of mental sufferings; so I shall not eat.
ChandogyaUpa4 1 The fires said, O Upakosala, dear boy, to you (are revealed) this knowledge of the fires and the knowledge of the Atman; but the teacher will tell you the way. His teacher came back. The teacher addressed him Upakosala

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