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ChandogyaUpa3 4 And (he who is in) that which is the northern door of this (heart), is Samana. He is the mind, he is Parjanya (the rain god). This Brahman( called Samana) should be meditated upon as fame and grace. He who meditates thus becomes famous and graceful.
ChandogyaUpa5 1 Then, when he offers the fourth oblation, he should offer it with the Mantra Svaha to Samana thereby Samana is satisfied.
ChandogyaUpa5 2 Samana being satisfied, the mind is satisfied; the mind being satisfied, Parjanya (rain god) is satisfied; Parjanya being satisfied, lightning is satisfied; lightning being satisfied, whatever is under lightning and Parjanya is satisfied. Through its satisfaction the eater himself is satisfied. (He is satisfied) also with offspring, cattle, food, lustre and the holy effulgence born of sacred wisdom.

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