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ChandogyaUpa1 1 Now, that which is Udgitha is verily Pranava and that which is Pranava is Udgitha. The yonder sun is Udgitha and also Pranava, for he moves along pronouncing Aum
ChandogyaUpa1 5 Now, that which is Udgitha, is verily Pranava; and that which is Pranava, is Udgitha so one should think. As a result of it, even if he chants wrongly, he rectifies it by the act done from the seat of the Hotr priest.
ChandogyaUpa3 1 And its upper rays are its upper honey cells. The secret teachings are the bees. Brahman Pranava() is the flower. Those Waters (the results of the meditations on the Pranava) are the nectar.
ChandogyaUpa3 2 Those secret teachings pressed this Pranava. From it, thus pressed, issued forth as juice, fame, splendour of limbs, alertness of the senses, virility, and food for eating.
ChandogyaUpa3 1 And that which is the fifth nectar (i.e. the quivering form within the sun), that verily the Sadhyas enjoy with Pranava as their leader. The Devas, indeed, neither eat nor drink; only with seeing this nectar are they satisfied.
ChandogyaUpa3 3 He who knows thus this nectar becomes one of the Sadhyas, and with Pranava as the leader is satisfied only with seeing this nectar.

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