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ChandogyaUpa1 6 Again, the white light of the sun is sa the blue (light) that is extremely dark is ama and that makes Sama Now, that Person, effulgent as gold, who is seen within the sun, who is with golden beard and golden hair, is exceedingly effulgent even to the very tips of his nails.
ChandogyaUpa1 8 Rik and Saman are his Two joints. Therefore he is Udgitha. Because the priest is the singer of this ut he is the Udgitha. Moreover, he (this Person called ut controls the worlds which are above that sun, as also the desires of the Devas. This is with reference to the Devas.
ChandogyaUpa3 6 Such is the greatness of this Brahman( called Gayatri). The Person is even greater than this. All this world is a quarter of Him, the other Three quarters of His constitute immortality in Heaven.
ChandogyaUpa8 2,3 Bodiless is air; and white cloud, lightning, thunder, these also are bodiless. Now as these arise out of the yonder Akasa, reach the highest light and appear each with its own form, even so this serene one rises out of this body, reaches the highest light and appears in his own form. He is the Highest Person. There he moves about, laughing, playing, rejoicing with women, vehicles or relations, not remembering this body in which he was born. As an animal is attached to a Chariot, even so is the Prana attached to this body.

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