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ChandogyaUpa8 3 Now, what people call a course of fasting is really Brahmacharya, for this Atman never perishes which one attains by means of Brahmacharya. And what people call the life of a hermit is really Brahmacharya, for verily Ara and Nya are the Two oceans in the Brahman world in the third Heaven from here and therein is the lake Airammadiya, and there is the Aparajita (unconquered) City of Brahma, and there is the Gold hall specially built by the Lord.
ChandogyaUpa8 4 Therefore only those who attain the Two oceans, Ara and Nya, in the Brahman world by means of Brahmacharya, only to them belongs this Brahman world and for them there is freedom to act as they wish in all the worlds.

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