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ChandogyaUpa4 1,2 On hearing this, Janasruti Pautrayana took with him Six hundred Cows, a Gold necklace, and a Chariot drawn by Mules and went to Raikva and addressed him thus O Raikva, (here are for you) these Six hundred Cows, this Gold necklace, and this Chariot drawn by Mules. Now, revered sir, instruct me about the deity whom you worship.
ChandogyaUpa4 3 The other man answered him thus Ah, O Sudra, let this Gold necklace together with the Chariot and the Cows remain with you. Thereupon Janasruti Pautrayana again took with him one thousand Cows, a Gold necklace, a Chariot drawn by Mules and his daughter and went over to Raikva.
ChandogyaUpa4 4 Janasruti said to him O Raikva, (here are for you) these one thousand Cows, this Gold necklace, this Chariot drawn by Mules, this wife, and this Village in which you reside. Now, revered sir, please instruct me
ChandogyaUpa5 2 So, for you are provided a Chariot drawn by Mules, maid servants and a Gold necklace; so you eat food and see what is dear. One who thus meditates upon this Vaisvanara Atman, eats food and sees what is dear, and there is in his family the holy effulgence born of sacred wisdom. But this is only the eye of the Atman. If you had not come to me you would have become blind.

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