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ChandogyaUpa3 1 And its northern rays are its northern honey cells. The Mantras of the Atharva Veda are the bees. The Itihasa and the Purana are the flower; and those Waters are the nectar.
ChandogyaUpa3 2 Those Mantras of the Atharva Veda pressed this Itihasa Purana. From it, thus pressed, issued forth as juice, fame, splendour of limbs, alertness of the senses, virility, and food for eating.
ChandogyaUpa7 1 Mind surely is greater than speech. Just as the closed hand encompasses Two Amalaka, or Two Kola, or Two Aksa fruits, so does the mind encompasses speech and name. When by mind one intends "Let me learn the Mantras", then he learns; Let me do sacrificial acts", then he does; "Let me desire offspring and cattle", then he desires; "Let me desire this world and the next", then he desires. Mind indeed is Atman. Mind indeed is the world. Mind indeed is Brahman. Worship the mind.

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