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ChandogyaUpa4 1 Madgu will tell you of one foot of Brahman At dawn of the next day, he drove the Cows towards the teacher s house. Towards evening at the place where the Cows came together, he kindled the fire there, penned the Cows, laid on fuel and sat down near them behind the fire facing the east.
ChandogyaUpa4 2 The Madgu bird flew to him and addressed him, Satyakama Yes, revered sir he responded.
ChandogyaUpa4 3 Dear boy, let me instruct you about one foot of Brahman Please instruct me, revered sir (The Madgu bird) said to him, Prana is one part, the eye is one part, the ear is one part, and the mind is one part. This indeed, dear boy, is one foot of Brahman, consisting of Four parts, named the Repository.

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