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ChandogyaUpa2 2 One should know that all these beings are dependent on him. What he is before rising, that is Himkara. On this, the animals are dependent. As they participate in the Himkara part of this Saman, do they utter him (before sunrise).
ChandogyaUpa2 1 Now, verily, one should meditate on the Seven fold Saman, which has all its parts similar, and which leads beyond death. Himkara, has Three syllables; Prastava has Three syllables. So they are equal to each other.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The mind is Himkara, speech is Prastava, the eye is Udgitha, the ear is Pratihara, and the Prana is Nidhana. This is the Gayatra Saman woven in (the Prana and) the senses.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 One rubs, that is Himkara. The smoke is produced, that is Prastava. It blazes, that is Udgitha. The embers are formed, that is Pratihara. It goes down, that is Nidhana. It is completely extinguished, that is Nidhana. This is the Rathantara Saman woven in fire.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The rising sun is Himkara; the risen sun is Prastava; the midday sun is Udgitha; the sun in the afternoon is Pratihara, and the setting sun is Nidhana. This is the Brihat Saman woven in the sun.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The white clouds gather, that is Himkara. The (rain bearing) cloud is formed, that is Prastava. It rains, that is Udgitha. It flashes and thunders, that is Pratihara. It ceases, that is Nidhana. This is the Vairupa Saman woven in the rain cloud.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The spring is Himkara, the summer is Prastava, the rainy season is Udgitha, the autumn is Pratihara, and the winter is Nidhana. This is the Vairaja Saman woven in the seasons.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The Earth is Himkara, the sky is Prastava, Heaven is Udgitha, the quarters are Pratihara, and the ocean is Nidhana. This is the Sakvari Saman woven in the worlds.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The goats are Himkara, the sheep are Prastava, the Cows are Udgitha, the Horses are Pratihara, and man is Nidhana. This is the Revati Saman woven in the animals.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The hair is Himkara, the skin is Prastava, the flesh is Udgitha, the bone is Pratihara, and the marrow is Nidhana. This is the Yajnayajniya Saman woven in the limbs of the body.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 Agni is Himkara, Vayu is Prastava, the Sun is Udgitha, the Stars are Pratihara, and the Moon is Nidhana. This is the Rajana Saman woven in the deities.
ChandogyaUpa2 1 The Three Vedas are Himkara; the Three worlds are Prastava; Agni, Vayu and the Sun are Udgitha; the Stars, the birds and the rays are Pratihara; the serpents, the celestial singers and the fathers are Nidhana. This is the collection of Samans woven in all things.

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