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ChandogyaUpa3 1 Gayatri indeed is all this, whatever being exists. Speech indeed is Gayatri; for speech indeed sings and removes fear of all this that exists.
ChandogyaUpa3 2 That which is this Gayatri, even that is this Earth; for on this Earth are all the beings established and they do not transcend it.
ChandogyaUpa3 3 That which is this Earth (as Gayatri), even that is this, i.e. this body in respect of this person; for these senses are indeed established in this body and they do not transcend it.
ChandogyaUpa3 5 This well known Gayatri is Four footed and sixfold. The Gayatri Brahman is thus expressed in the following Rik
ChandogyaUpa3 6 Such is the greatness of this Brahman( called Gayatri). The Person is even greater than this. All this world is a quarter of Him, the other Three quarters of His constitute immortality in Heaven.
ChandogyaUpa3 1 Man, truly, is the sacrifice. His (first) twenty Four years are the morning libation, for the metre Gayatri is made up of twenty Four syllables, and the morning libation is related to the Gayatri metre. With this the Vasus are connected. The Pranas indeed are the Vasus, for they make all this stable.

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