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ChandogyaUpa2 3,4 Before the commencement of the morning chant, the sacrificer sits down behind the Garhapatya fire, facing the north and sings the Saman sacred to the Vasus (O Agni), open the door of this world that we may see you for obtaining the Kingdom.
ChandogyaUpa4 1 Then the Garhapatya fire instructed him Earth, fire, food and the sun (are my forms). The person who is seen in the sun, I am he, I am he, indeed.
ChandogyaUpa4 4 Therefore if the sacrifice is rendered defective on account of the Riks, then with the Mantra Bhuh Svaha (the Brahman priest) should offer an oblation in the Garhapatya fire. Thus verily, through the essence of the Riks, through the virility of the Riks, he makes good the injury of the sacrifice in respect of the Riks.
ChandogyaUpa5 2 Of the aforesaid Vaisvanara Atman, the head is the highly luminous the eye is the multiform the breath is the diversely coursed the trunk is the vast the lower belly is the wealth the feet are the Earth (the foundation (Of the enjoyer as Vaisvanara) the chest is the altar, the hairs on the chest are the Kusa grass, the heart is the Garhapatya fire, the mind is the Anvaharyapacana fire, and the mouth is the Ahavaniya fire.

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