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ChandogyaUpa2 7 Next, the form of the sun that appears when it is past afternoon and before sunset, that is Upadrava. On this, the wild animals are dependent. As they participate in the Upadrava part of this Saman, so do they, when they see a man, run away to the Forest, as to a place of safety.
ChandogyaUpa4 5 The teacher said to him, No one who is not a Brahmana can speak thus. Dear boy, bring the sacrificial fuel, I shall initiate you as a Brahmacharin, for you have not deviated from truth Having initiated him, he sorted out Four hundred lean and weak Cows and said, Dear boy, follow them. While he was driving them towards the Forest Satyakama said, I shall not return till it is one thousand. He lived away for a long time, till they had increased to one thousand.
ChandogyaUpa5 1,2 Among them, those who know thus (this knowledge of the Five fires) and those who are devoted to faith and austerity in the Forest they go to light; from light to the day, from the day to the bright fortnight, from the bright fortnight to those Six months during which the sun travels northward; from the months to the year, from the year to the sun, from the sun to the moon and from the moon to the lightning. (From the region of Brahman) a person, who is other than human, (comes and) causes them, existing there, to attain Brahman. This is the path of the Devas.

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