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ChandogyaUpa1 6 Now, one should meditate on the syllables of Udgitha namely, the syllables ut gi and tha Prana is ut because through Prana one arises (ut tisthati). Speech is gi because speech is called word (girah). Food is tha because upon food all this is established (sthitam).
ChandogyaUpa1 4 Silaka( asked), What is the essence of Saman The tune said Dalbhya(). What is the essence of the tune Prana said Dalbhya(). What is the essence of Prana Food said Dalbhya(). What is the essence of food Water said Dalbhya().
ChandogyaUpa1 9 Food said Usasti, all these movable and immovable beings live by partaking of food only. This is the deity that belongs to the Pratihara. If you sang the Pratihara without knowing him, after your having been warned thus by me, your head would have fallen down.
ChandogyaUpa6 1 Food, when eaten, becomes divided into Three parts. What is its grossest ingredient, that becomes faeces; what is the middling ingredient, that becomes flesh; and what is the subtlest ingredient, that becomes mind.
ChandogyaUpa7 1 Food surely is greater than strength. Therefore, if one does not eat for Ten days, even though he might live, yet, verily, he does not see, does not hear, does not reflect, does not act, and does not realize. But with the coming of food, he sees, hears, reflects, understands, acts and realizes. Worship food.
ChandogyaUpa7 1 Water surely is greater than food. Therefore, when there is not good rain, living creatures are in agony (thinking), Food" will be scarce". But when there is good rain, living creatures become joyous (thinking), Food" will abound". Water, indeed, has assumed all these forms this Earth, this sky, this Heaven, these mountains, these Devas and men, these cattle and birds, grasses and trees, beasts down to worms, flying insects and ants. Water, indeed, has assumed all these forms. Worship Water.

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