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ChandogyaUpa8 1 Aum. Now, in this City of Brahman, there is a mansion in the shape of a small lotus; in it is a small inner Akasa. What is within that, that should be sought; that indeed, one should desire to understand.
ChandogyaUpa8 2,3 If the disciples should say to him, In this City of Brahman in which is a small mansion in the shape of a lotus and in the small inner Akasa within what is it that lies there which should be sought, which one should desire to understand he should say in reply, As large indeed as is this Akasa, so large is that Akasa in the heart. Within it, indeed, are contained both Heaven and Earth, both fire and air, both the sun and the moon, lightning and the stars. Whatever there is of him in this world and whatever is not, all that is contained within it.
ChandogyaUpa8 4 If they should say to him, If in this City of Brahman is contained all this, all beings and all desires, then what is left of it when old age overtakes it or when it perishes
ChandogyaUpa8 5 He should say, It (the Brahman called inner Akasa) does not age with the ageing of the body, it is not killed by the killing of this. This Akasa() is the real City of Brahman, in it are contained the desires. This is the Atman, free from evil, free from old age, free from death, free from sorrow, free from hunger, free from thirst, whose desire is of the truth, whose resolve is of the truth. Just as in this world, the subjects follow as they are commanded and whatever province they desire, be it a country or a part of the field, on that they live. (So the ignorant depend upon others for enjoying the fruits of their Karma).
ChandogyaUpa8 3 Now, what people call a course of fasting is really Brahmacharya, for this Atman never perishes which one attains by means of Brahmacharya. And what people call the life of a hermit is really Brahmacharya, for verily Ara and Nya are the Two oceans in the Brahman world in the third Heaven from here and therein is the lake Airammadiya, and there is the Aparajita (unconquered) City of Brahma, and there is the Gold hall specially built by the Lord.

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