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ChandogyaUpa4 5 The teacher said to him, No one who is not a Brahmana can speak thus. Dear boy, bring the sacrificial fuel, I shall initiate you as a Brahmacharin, for you have not deviated from truth Having initiated him, he sorted out Four hundred lean and weak Cows and said, Dear boy, follow them. While he was driving them towards the Forest Satyakama said, I shall not return till it is one thousand. He lived away for a long time, till they had increased to one thousand.
ChandogyaUpa5 7 Among them, those who have good residual results of action here (earned in this world and left as residue after the enjoyment in the region of the moon), quickly reach a good womb, the womb of a Brahmana, or of a Kshatriya or of a Vaisya. But those who have bad residual results of action quickly reach an evil womb, the womb of a dog or of a hog or of a Chandala.
ChandogyaUpa5 9 One who steals gold, one who drinks wine, one who dishonours the teacher s bed, and one who injures a Brahmana all these Four fall, as also the fifth one who associates with them.
ChandogyaUpa6 1 Aum. Once upon a time there was one Svetaketu, the grandson of Aruna. His father said to him, O Svetaketu, live the life of a Brahmacharin. Dear boy, there never is anyone in our family who does not study and is only nominally a Brahmana.
ChandogyaUpa7 1 Prana surely is greater than aspiration. Just as the spokes of the wheel are fastened to the nave, so is all this fastened to this Prana. Prana moves by Prana, Prana gives Prana and it gives Prana. Prana is the father, Prana is the mother, Prana is the brother, Prana is the sister, Prana is the preceptor, Prana is the Brahmana.
ChandogyaUpa7 2 If one answers something harsh to his father, mother, brother, sister, preceptor or a Brahmana, people say this to him, "Fie on you You are indeed a slayer of your father, you are indeed a slayer of your mother, you are indeed a slayer of your brother, you are indeed a slayer of your sister, you are indeed a slayer of your preceptor, you are indeed a slayer of a Brahmana."
ChandogyaUpa7 3 On the other hand, when the Prana has departed from them, even if one piles them together, dismembers them with a fork and burns them up, surely people would not say to him, "You are a slayer of your father", nor "you are a slayer of your mother", nor "You are a slayer of your brother", nor "You are a slayer of your sister", nor "you are a slayer of your preceptor", nor "You are a slayer of a Brahmana".

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