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ChandogyaUpa4 6 The Brahmacharin said, Prajapati, the one Deva swallowed up the Four great ones; he is the protector of the worlds. O Kapeya, O Abhipratarin, mortals do not see him who dwells variously. Even from him, for whom all this food is meant, you have withheld it.
ChandogyaUpa4 7 Kapeya Saunaka, reflecting on those words, approached him (and said) He who is the self of all Devas and the creator of all beings, who has undecaying teeth, who is the devourer, who is the wise one, who is himself never eaten (but) who devours even those who are not food; and hence (the knowers) describe his magnificence as immeasurable such, indeed, is the Brahman, O Brahmacharin, whom we worship (Then he told the servants) Give him food
ChandogyaUpa4 3 He went to Haridrumata Gautama and said, I desire to live under you, revered sir, as a Brahmacharin; may I approach your venerable self (for the same)
ChandogyaUpa4 5 The teacher said to him, No one who is not a Brahmana can speak thus. Dear boy, bring the sacrificial fuel, I shall initiate you as a Brahmacharin, for you have not deviated from truth Having initiated him, he sorted out Four hundred lean and weak Cows and said, Dear boy, follow them. While he was driving them towards the Forest Satyakama said, I shall not return till it is one thousand. He lived away for a long time, till they had increased to one thousand.
ChandogyaUpa4 1 Once upon a time Upakosala Kamalayana lived with Satyakama Jabala the life of a Brahmacharin. He tended his fires for twelve years. Satyakama performed for other disciples the ceremony of completing studies and returning home, but did not perform the ceremony for Upakosala.
ChandogyaUpa4 2 The wife of the teacher said to him, This Brahmacharin has undergone severe austerities and has tended the fires properly; you should teach him so that the fires may not blame you. But the teacher went away on a journey without instructing him.
ChandogyaUpa4 3 Through mental sufferings Upakosala began to fast. The wife of the teacher said to him, O Brahmacharin, do eat; why are you not eating He replied, In this (very ordinary and disappointed) man (i.e. myself) there are many desires running in various directions; I am full of mental sufferings; so I shall not eat.
ChandogyaUpa4 4 Thereupon the fires said among themselves, This Brahmacharin has undergone severe austerities and has tended us properly; come let us instruct him They then said to him, Prana (life) is Brahman, Ka (joy) is Brahman, Kha (ether) is Brahman
ChandogyaUpa6 1 Aum. Once upon a time there was one Svetaketu, the grandson of Aruna. His father said to him, O Svetaketu, live the life of a Brahmacharin. Dear boy, there never is anyone in our family who does not study and is only nominally a Brahmana.

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