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ChandogyaUpa5 1 Once Svetaketu, the grandson of Aruna, came to the assembly of the Panchalas. Pravahana, the son of Jivala, enquired of him, My boy, has your father instructed you He has indeed, revered sir
ChandogyaUpa5 2 They reflected among themselves, Revered sirs, Uddalaka, the son of Aruna, knows well this Vaisvanara Atman. Well, let us go to him And they went to him.
ChandogyaUpa6 1 Aum. Once upon a time there was one Svetaketu, the grandson of Aruna. His father said to him, O Svetaketu, live the life of a Brahmacharin. Dear boy, there never is anyone in our family who does not study and is only nominally a Brahmana.

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