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ChandogyaUpa8 1 Now, these Arteries which belong to the heart exist filled with the juice of a fine substance which is reddish brown, white, blue, yellow and red. The yonder sun indeed is reddish brown, he is white, he is blue, he is yellow, he is red.
ChandogyaUpa8 2 Just as an extending highway runs between Two Villages, this as well as that, even so the rays of the sun go to both these worlds, this as well as that. They spread out of the yonder sun and enter into these Arteries. Out of these Arteries they spread and enter into the yonder sun.
ChandogyaUpa8 3 Therefore when one is thus sound sleep, composed, serene so that he knows no dreams, then he enters into (the Akasa of the heart through) these Arteries. Then no evil touches him for then he is filled with the light of the sun.
ChandogyaUpa8 6 There is this verse about it A hundred and one are the Arteries of the heart; one of them leads up to the crown of the head. Passing upwards through that, one attains immortality, while the other Arteries serve for departing in various other directions yea, serve for departing.

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