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ChandogyaUpa2 1,2 Next is the meditation on the Seven fold Saman. One should meditate on the Seven fold Saman as speech. Whatsoever in speech is hum that is the syllable him; whatever is pra that is Prastava; whatever is a that is Adi (the first); whatever is ut that is Udgitha; whatever is prati that is Pratihara; whetever is upa that is Upadrava; and whatever is ni that is Nidhana.
ChandogyaUpa2 4 And the form of the sun as it appears at the time of the assembling of its rays, that is Adi. On this, the birds are dependent. As they participate in the Adi part of this Saman, so do they hold themselves unsupported in the sky and fly about.
ChandogyaUpa2 2 Adi has Two syllables; Pratihara has Four syllables. We take one syllable from Pratihara to Adi. So they are equal to each other.

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