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BrihadArUpa1 5 He thought, If I kill him, I shall be making very little food. Through that speech and the mind he projected all this, whatever there is the Vedas Rig, Yajus and Saman, the metres, the sacrifices, men and animals. Whatever he projected, he resolved to eat. Because he eats everything, therefore Aditi Death() is so called. He who knows how Aditi came to have this name of Aditi, becomes the eater of all this, and everything becomes his food.
BrihadArUpa1 21 This alone is also Brahmanaspati (lord of the Yajus). Speech is indeed Brahman (yajus), and this is its lord. Therefore this is also Brahmanaspati.
BrihadArUpa5 2 (One should meditate upon the vital force as) the Yajus. The vital force is the Yajus, for all these beings are joined with one another if there is the vital force. All beings are joined for the eminence of him who knows as above, and he achieves union with and abode in the same world as the Yajus (vital force).

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