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BrihadArUpa3 11 He who knows that being whose abode is lust, whose instrument of vision is the intellect, whose light is the Manas, and who is the ultimate resort of the entire body and organs, knows truly, O Yajnavalkya I do know that being of whom you speak who is the ultimate resort of the entire body and organs. It is the very being who is identified with lust. Go on, Sakalya Who is his deity Women said he.
BrihadArUpa4 13 In the dream world, the shining one, attaining higher and lower states, puts forth innumerable forms. He seems to be enjoying himself in the company of Women, or laughing, or even seeing frightful things.
BrihadArUpa6 6 If man sees his reflection in water, he should recite the following Mantra (May the Devas grant) me lustre, manhood, reputation, wealth and merits She (his Wife) is indeed the goddess of beauty among Women. Therefore he should approach this handsome Woman and speak to her.

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