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BrihadArUpa4 6 Let me hear whatever any one may have told you Satyakama, the son of Jabala, has told me that the Manas (here, the moon) is Brahman As one who has a mother, a father and a teacher should say, so has the son of Jabala said this that the Manas is Brahman. For what can a person have without the Manas But did he tell you about its abode (body) and support No, he did not This Brahman is only one footed, O Emperor Then you tell us, Yajnavalkya The Manas is its abode, and the ether (the Undifferentiated) its support. It should be meditated upon as bliss What is bliss, Yajnavalkya The manas itself, O Emperor said Yajnavalkya; with the Manas, O Emperor, a man (fancies and) woos a Woman. A son resembling him is born of her, and he is the cause of bliss. The Manas, O Emperor, is the Supreme Brahman. The Manas never leaves him who, knowing thus, meditates upon it; all beings eagerly come to him; and being a Deva, he attains the Devas I give you a thousand cows with a bull like an elephant said Emperor Janaka. Yajnavalkya replied, My father was of opinion that one should not accept (wealth) from a disciple without fully instructing him
BrihadArUpa6 13 Woman, O Gautama, is fire. In this fire the Devas offer the seed. Out of that offering a man is born. He lives as long as he is destined to live. Then, when he dies
BrihadArUpa6 16 While those who conquer the worlds through sacrifices, charity and austerity, reach the deity of smoke, from him the deity of the night, from him the deity of the fortnight in which the Moon wanes, from him the deities of the six months in which the Sun travels southward, from them the deity of the world of the Pitries (manes), and from him the Moon. Reaching the Moon they become food. There the Devas enjoy them as the priests drink the shining Soma juice (gradually, saying, as it were), Flourish, dwindle And when their past work is exhausted, they reach (become like) this ether, from the ether air, from air rain, and from rain the Earth. Reaching the Earth they become food. Then they are again offered in the fire of man, thence in the fire of Woman, whence they are born (and perform rites) with a view to going to other worlds. Thus do they rotate. While those others who do not know these two ways become insects and moths, and these frequently biting things (gnats and mosquitoes).
BrihadArUpa6 2 Prajapati thought, Well, let me make an abode for it and he created Woman.
BrihadArUpa6 6 If man sees his reflection in water, he should recite the following Mantra (May the Devas grant) me lustre, manhood, reputation, wealth and merits She (his Wife) is indeed the goddess of beauty among Women. Therefore he should approach this handsome Woman and speak to her.
BrihadArUpa6 13 If anybody s Wife has the monthly sickness, she should drink of three days out of a cup Kamsa(). No Sudra man or Woman should touch her. After three nights she should bathe, put on a new cloth, and be put to thresh Rice.
BrihadArUpa6 19 In the very morning he purifies the clarified Butter according to the mode of Sthalipaka, and offers Sthalipaka oblations again and again, saying, Svaha to fire, Svaha to Anumati, Svaha to the radiant Sun who produces infallible results After offering, he takes up (the remnant of the cooked food), eats part of it and gives the rest to his Wife. Then he washes his hands, fills the water vessel and sprinkles her thRice with that water, saying. Get up from here, Visvavasu, and find out another young Woman (who is) with her husband.

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