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BrihadArUpa1 1 There was nothing whatsoever here in the beginning. It was covered only by Death Hiranyagarbha(), or Hunger, for hunger is death. He created the mind, thinking, Let me have a mind He moved about worshipping (himself). As he was worshipping, water was produced. (Since he thought), As I was worshipping, water sprang up therefore Arka (fire) is so called. Water (or happiness) surely comes to one who knows how Arka (fire) came to have this name of Arka.
BrihadArUpa1 2 Water is Arka. What was there (like) forth on the water was solidified and became this Earth. When that was produced, he was tired. While he was (thus) tired and distressed, his essence, or lustre, came forth. This was Agni.
BrihadArUpa1 13 Water is the body of this vital force, and that Moon is its luminous organ. And as far as the vital force extends, so far extends water, and so far does that Moon. These are all equal, and all infinite. He who meditates upon these as finite wins a finite world, but he who meditates upon these as infinite wins an infinite world.

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