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BrihadArUpa1 11 In the beginning this (the Kshatriya and other castes) was indeed Brahman, one only. Being one, he did not flourish. He specially projected an excellent form, the Kshatriya those who are Kshatriyas among the Devas Indra, Varuna, the Moon, Rudra, Parjanya, Yama, Death, and Isana. Therefore there is none higher than the Kshatriya. Hence the Brahmana worships the Kshatriya from a lower position in the Rajasuya sacrifice. He imparts that glory to the Kshatriya. The Brahmana is the source of the Kshatriya. Therefore, although the king attains supremacy (in the sacrifice), at the end of it he resorts to the Brahmana, his source. He who slights the Brahmana, strikes at his own source. He becomes more wicked, as one is by slighting one s superior.
BrihadArUpa3 16 He who knows that being whose abode is water, whose instrument of vision is the intellect, whose light is the Manas, and who is the ultimate resort of the entire body and organs, knows truly, O Yajnavalkya I do know that being of whom you speak who is the ultimate resort of the entire body and organs. It is the very being who is in water. Go on, Sakalya Who is his deity Varuna (rain) said he.
BrihadArUpa3 22 What deity are you identified with in the west With the deity, Varuna (the god of rain) On what does Varuna rest On water On what does water rest On the seed On what does the seed rest On the heart. Therefore do they say of a new born child closely resembles (his father), that he has sprung from (his father s) heart, as it were that he has been made out of (his father s) heart, as it were. Therefore it is on the heart that the seed rests It is just so, Yajnavalkya

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