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BrihadArUpa3 5 Yajnavalkya said he, since all this is overtaken by the bright and dark fortnights, and swayed by them, by what means does the sacrificer go beyond the bright and dark fortnights Through the vital force through air, which is the (real) priest called Udgatir. The vital force of the sacrificer is the Udgatir. This vital force is air, and it is the Udgatir; this (air) is liberation; this (liberation) is emancipation.
BrihadArUpa3 10 Yajnavalkya said he, how many classes of hymns the Udgatir chant in this sacrifice to day Three classes Which are those three The preliminary, the sacrificial, and the eulogistic hymns as the third Which are those that have reference to the body The Prana is the preliminary hymn, the Apana is the sacrificial hymn, and the Vyana is the eulogistic hymn What does he win through them Through the preliminary hymns he wins the Earth, through the sacrificial hymns he wins the Sky, and through the eulogistic hymns he wins Heaven Thereupon the Hotr Asvala kept silent.

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