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BrihadArUpa5 1 The face (nature) of Satya Brahman() is hidden (as it were) with a golden vessel. O Pusan (nourisher of the world the Sun), remove it, so that I, whose reality is Satya, may see (the face). O Pusan, O solitary Rishi (seer or traveller), O Yama (controller), O Surya (sun), O son of Prajapati God( or Hiranyagarbha), take away thy rays, curb thy brightness. I wish to behold that most benignant form of thine. I myself am that person; and I am immortal. (When my body falls) may my vital force return to the air (cosmic force), and this body too, reduced to ashes, (go to the Earth)! O fire, who art the syllable Aum O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done, O Deity of deliberations, recollect, recollect all that I have done. O Agni, lead us along the good way towards our riches (deserts). O Lord, thou knowest everybody s mental states; remove the wily evil from us. We utter repeated salutations to thee.
BrihadArUpa6 3 From Yajnavalkya. Yajnavalkya from Uddalaka. Uddalaka from Aruna. Aruna from Upavesi. Upavesi from Kusri. Kusri from Vajasravas. He from Jihvavat, the son of Badhyoga. He from Asita, the son of Varsagana. He from Harita Kasyapa. He from Silpa Kasyapa. This one from Kasyana, the son of Nidhruva. He from Vac. She from Ambhini. She from Surya, the Sun. These white Yajuses received from Surya are explained by Yajnavalkya Vajasaneya.

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